Baking in German: Mandarinen Käsekuchen

This is the second in a series of ongoing posts about baking in German. If you would like to read the first post, you can find it here, I talked about my struggles and successes baking using a German recipe for the first time.

I was at my stepmother’s house for dinner with my husband and sister, when my stepmom pulled out a Mandarin cheesecake for dessert that her mother baked. I was immediately intrigued and more delighted when I took my first bite.

Sometimes, cheesecakes can be thick and heavy on the tongue and stomach. This cake is creamy but lighter than a typical cheesecake. For me, it feels and tastes like a cross between a mousse and a cheesecake.

My husband told us a story about his mom baking this exact cake. I knew I wanted to make it for him, not only to connect with my mother-in-law but to bring a bit of his mom with us into our house, through her baked goods, as she lives in another country. I asked her for the recipe and received it a few days later, in German, as I had hoped.

Making connections while learning a second language is a HUGE part of the process. With this uraltes Familienrezept, that has never before been shared, I connected with a part of my husband’s history and family through baking. It was a wonderful experience making this cake and I hope to share more old family recipes with you soon.


How have you connected with your target language?


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