Baking in German: Zitronenkuchen

Herzlich Willkommen to the third installment of Backen auf Deutsch, where I share my experience baking in German, recipes and words I have never before encountered.

Today I am sharing Für Sie’s Rezept for a delicious lemon cake.

In this baking experience, I learned some new vocabulary for techniques that I am familiar with in English. After completing step 1, I moved onto step 2 but became stuck when I realized I didn’t know what schaumig or unterrühren meant. Schaumig by itself means foamy but when combined with schlagen as in “Dann die weiche Butter und den Zucker in einer Schüssel schaumig schlagen…”, it takes on the meaning of “to beat until fluffy” or to “cream the butter”.

I knew rühren meant to stir but it wasn’t until I thought of the baking process that I realized unterrühren meant to stir in something, in this case, stir the eggs one by one into the butter and sugar mixture.

Another wonderful word I learned was Holzstäbchentests, which is a precise term that describes the process of poking a cake with a toothpick to see whether it is fully baked or not.

The cake tasted as delicious as I hoped it would, even though I encountered some difficulties along the way.

What new words have you learned baking in your target language?





3 Comments Add yours

  1. alyk13 says:

    what a fun learning experience! never thought of trying to learn a recipe in another language!


    1. Tiffany says:

      It is a fun experience! Hope you try it one day 🙂


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